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Borderless Financial Services
Without the Hassle
NF Global
a New Zealand based independent Financial Service Provider
set up to simplify borderless financial services
among New Zealand and Europe
Financial Services
is our area of expertise
Our Services
Established in 2009, we provide a suite of financial services from payments to asset management to clients in needs of bespoke solution for their business.
Simple Borderless Payments
Our Mission
Our goal is to support corporates and high net worth individuals with global growth aspirations. We aim to give the freedom to move and manage money around the world in a few simple taps, without the restrictions or costs of a traditional bank account.
Opening an account
is simple
Partnering with us is straightforward.
It only takes a few steps and you have easy access to your account and investment portfolio information.
Our Platform
We are not a registered bank. Our online platform, registered to New Zealand FSP standards (FSP29621), is a convenient, digital alternative which can be used for both corporate and private accounts.
Multi-currency Accounts
Multi-currency Accounts let you manage payments and investments in 38 currencies as you wish and remove the need to have a domestic bank account
Please contact us
Please contact for further information about
NF Global Limited
and the services we can offer to you
Financial Dispute Resolution Service
What should you do
if something goes wrong?
We are a member of Financial Dispute Resolution Service
under code FM0320.
We welcome complaints, so if you have a problem, concern
or complaint about any part of our service, please tell us.